👑✨ Essence

Like Sunlight and Moonlight, Queenlight is a high vibrational energy. It shines from within each woman, as the essence of a divine feminine being.

Queenlight expresses through every woman in her unique beautiful way. The more she awakens her true nature, the more she embodies her Queenlight self.

👑✨ Community

Queenlight community brings women together in sacred circles. Here all of you is welcome, no matter where you come from or what part of the journey you are on – loving all your humanity and your divinity. 

Here you can see that there is no need for competition, that each of us is so special, with unique beauty and gifts! Here we practice holding each other in truth and love to heal deep pain from past friendships.

Here you can discover more of who you are, with sisters as your mirrors. You learn to be free and honest in your authenticity, as well as to connect with others deeply – receiving what you crave the most, belonging to yourself and to a Soul Family.


Our mission is to inspire women to awaken their true selves, to connect them to shine brighter together and co-create a more loving and joyful Earth for all.

Queenlight vision is to create different Healing Arts experiences that have the Queenlight essence & community at heart. 

Growing together

How it all started

Vanja’s love for Women’s Circles got fully ignited while she was living in Tulum, when the power of these sacred gatherings helped her through a deeply painful time.

She felt seen, held and supported in community like never before, and created deep friendships with women she calls sisters now.

Vanja committed to hosting a weekly Women’s Circle on her rooftop, and ever since, her devotion to this work, and play, just continued growing.

Queenlight essence, vision and mission were birthed in Tepoztlan, when Vanja dove into the deepest parts of herself to find what she is most passionate about – creating sisterhood and healing arts.


Queenlight community is now at the beginning of its growth, with so many ideas coming into form – all with the intention of bringing women together to shine through loving co-creation.


If you’d like to be a part of the mission, support us with your energy, wisdom or funds, let us know! 💗

Queenlight team