Reconnect. Align. Shine.


Energy Healing, Soul Essence Activation and Channeled Information 💫

Align Your Energy
to Align Your Life

Everything is energy. Each atom is 99.9% space and only 0.1% matter. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are vibrations that hold information.

By tapping into your field, supported by your Soul and Spirit Guides, Vanja reads information and in a loving way helps you clear any negative energies, limiting beliefs or traumas, from this or past lifetimes.

It is Time to Awaken Your True Nature and Create a Soul Aligned Life 👑✨

Awaken your inner light

Quantum awakening on ALL levels of your being

✨ This is a life-changing Ceremony that aligns the vibration of your whole being to your divine blueprint & activates your highest potential to create a life you love

✨ Receive channeled messages and energy healing for all chakras, important past lifetimes, inner child, feminine & masculine energy, learn about your Spirit Animals and much more!

This magical journey is guided by your Soul and Spirit Guides, to receive & release all that you are ready for

One session, 100min
+ integration call