Reconnect. Align. Shine.


Energy Healing, Soul Essence Activation and Channeled Information 💫

Align Your Energy
to Align Your Life

Everything is energy. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are vibrations that hold information.

By tapping into your field, supported by your Soul and Spirit Guides, Vanja reads your energy, helps you clear what is not in alignment and helps you awaken your highest potential.

Each session is full of channeled messages and empowering energies, helping you get clarity and enjoy life again!

It is time to remember your true nature and receive all that you dream of 👑✨


Are you ready to let go of any old energy and come into your joyful shining self? ✨

In this session, we will look at anything that feels heavy or stuck, and guided by your Higher Self and Spirit Guides, bring it into Light, helping you receive what you need the most now.

This session is great for you if:

• you have important questions you would love channeled wisdom and guidance on

• you have a specific struggle you would love to understand deeper and clean energetically (a relationship with a partner, purpose, health, money…)

• you feel stressed or overwhelmed and need an energetic boost

In this session you will be guiding the journey with your questions and intentions.


Includes: 1h Session


In this session, we will read and harmonize your entire energy field from the root up, unlocking your highest potential and helping you blossom into your true self.

This is for you if:

• You desire clarity on your life’s path

• You desire a full chakra reading & healing

• You feel stuck or lost, and are ready for a deep Soul remembrance & activation

• You feel a deep calling to receive this energy support and are open to discovering why

• You want to awaken the magic and joy of life

In this journey you will be guided to fully relax and receive what is here for your highest good 🌸


Includes: 90min Session & 30min Integration Call