Moonlight Ceremony

Saturday 15th April, 11am-1pm CST
Zoom Circle

woman putting her hand on the chest of another woman during a healing session

About the ceremony

Awaken and express more of your beautiful feminine energy, to connect to your intuition, grace, rest, pleasure, creativity, play and intuition 👑✨


As humans, we all have feminine and masculine energy within us. Unfortunately, in the society we were born in, we are mostly encouraged to practice our masculine traits – action, achievement, logic and structure, so we become disconnected from the flow of our beautiful divine feminine energy.

In this Ceremony we will be remembering our feminine qualities in their highest light – releasing any limiting beliefs connected to what it means, and aligning our bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) to come into their natural flow.

When our feminine energy is in balance, we know how to rest, how to receive what we desire, how to be sensual and graceful, and we can use our powerful intuition and trust our hearts to guide us through life for our highest good.


This Ceremony will help you to:

✨ Relax your nervous system and your body

✨ Soften your beautiful Heart

✨ Connect with your Soul and Spirit Guides

✨ Hear messages from a higher perspective

✨ Receive new light codes

✨ Release stuck energy and limiting beliefs

✨ Connect to a beautiful community of like-hearted women

✨ Witness that you are not alone on this awakening journey


What can you expect:

✨ Guided meditation

✨ Channeled messages

✨ Light Language energy work

✨ Sharing Circle

✨ Intuitive Guidance for what the group needs


To prepare for the Ceremony:

✨ Find a comfortable quiet place, where you can fully relax

✨ Have water by your side

✨ Prepare your sound and video for Zoom (video is not obligatory but I invite you to show your beautiful Soul and connect with others in the circle)

✨ If you’d like you can prepare an altar (a candle, some little things that remind you of this Ceremony’s theme and what you love)

✨ You can prepare a notebook to journal after the Ceremony, to help you integrate this deep journey

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Moonlight Ceremony

Saturday 15th April, 11am-1pm CST
Zoom Circle

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