Channeled Energy Healing

A space to remember your true nature

Everything is energy

Everything is energy. Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are vibrations that hold information.

Guided by our Higher Selves and Spirit Guides, we can read that energy receiving valuable information, and clear any energy blocks, healing the root cause, so you can create from your highest potential.

You are one of a kind and you continue changing, so every session is different, providing an abundance of empowering messages and vibrations, meeting your specific needs at the time.


Choose depending on what resonates

Tune up

This session is great for you if you have a specific problem, or group of questions/dilemmas that you’d love to receive higher guidance on


Includes: 1h Session
(with the recording)



This offeriing is great for you if you want to reset and deeply transform your life, receiving a full chakra harmonization


Includes: 90min Session + 30min Integration Call (with recordings)



Mentorship is a powerful way to receive continual channeled support and upgrade all areas of your life to the next level

Includes: 8 x 90min Sessions (with recordings) and chat support



How my dear clients experienced their sessions


At the start of the session, I create a sacred space through a guided meditation and invocation. This connects us to your Higher Self, Soul, Spirit Guides, and the energies of the highest light, allowing only what is for your highest good.

I will receive guidance and messages from various energies connected to you and tap into different parts of the quantum field based on what kind of support you need the most.

Future is not set. You are a powerful creator and you always have the option of choosing between many different paths and influencing your future. So I don’t predict. Instead, I read your energy. I help you understand where you are, and tune the energy to your highest potential at the time, so you can attract and receive what you truly desire.

You will already experience a shift during our session. The pain that you feel in different areas of your body will clear as we work on them. At the end of the session most of my clients say “I haven’t felt this free in years” as we are able to access and heal root causes of different struggles.

After the session it will take some time for you to fully integrate and open all the seeds that were planted. The more you practice the advice you were given, the more benefits you will receive, but even if you don’t do anything, a deep transformation has accrued and you will notice the changes in different ways, specific to your unique path.

Yes, every session is unique, meeting you exactly where you are. If you feel called to have a session and are open to receiving this type of support, you are more than welcome!

I’ve had many clients who began their journeys of remembrance and healing with my sessions, and it is my great honor to be a guide into this magical world.

This depends solely on your own pace of integration and growth. One session provides plenty of information and energy healing, so some of my clients have just one session a year, while others feel called to come bi-weekly if they’re going through an intense period of healing and transformation.

Our goal is never to create dependency but to empower you to become a master of working with your own energy and develop a clear connection to your intuition.

A small session called “Tune Up” would be perfect for you. Just let me know that this is your intention, and we will assist your physical body and your nervous system, helping you return to a centered and nourished state of being.