My story

I was always super sensitive and creative, in touch with nature and the beauty of life. At the same time, I thought that I was too different and that I wasn’t good enough. Growing up, I felt best in my own world of art and design, and created a bubble to protect and hide. Yet my wings were itching and my heart was aching so I started diving deeper inside. 

There I found incredible wisdom and magic and with the help of teachers and healers started powerfully transforming my life. I stopped judging my unique weirdness and stepped up to fully shine.

Now I have the honor and joy to assist others on their path, co-creating a magical New Earth, awakening the human divine.

Time Travel

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia in 1989. on the same day as Frida Khalo, as a Role Model/Hermit Projector with Sun in Cancer, Moon in Leo, and Capricorn Ascendant. I believed in magic, spent much time drawing and writing, talked to animals and loved being in my inner world. I had my first group exhibition when I was 5, and made a serious decision that I would be an artist when I grow up.

I studied Illustration & Communication Design and spent years focused on perfecting my craft. I was learning, drawing, erasing, growing. I became an overachiever and a perfectionist, having a hard time resting, burning out many times.

My passion and ambition led me to co-found an art and design studio when I was only 21 (and have it for 9 years), receive a D&AD award and Masters degree in London, create 6 solo exhibitions, contribute to many group shows, and collaborate on projects with diverse clients. My career was rising.

At the same time, something was missing. I was often feeling stressed and confused, suffocated in my own bubble. My achievements weren’t fulfilling, my old habits weren’t serving me anymore, and I was craving for a big change. I was ready to dive deeper.

I started finding my balance by practicing daily yoga and meditation. Curiosity led me to experience many different healing practices, women’s circles and plant medicines, become an Angelic Reiki and Master Reiki practitioner and receive initiation into Clear Light Healing. My inner and outer life was transforming and I poured this inspiration into art.

I had many wonderful teachers throughout the years. With their support and my commitment to inner work, a lot of shattering and awakening, I reconnected with my Soul and Spirit Guides, activated intuitive gifts from other lifetimes, and heard that I am a healer. 

At first I wasn’t willing to follow that path (it was a big responsibility and I adored art) but my whole life turned upside down when I realized that I couldn’t paint anymore, it got lost from my hand and my heart! I burned out and had to let go of so many attachments to fully surrender to what I was called to do – developing energy work, Channeling, Light Language, holding space and guiding Ceremonies and Circles – allowing my unique healing technique to arise. 

I found trust, confidence and fell in love with this newly opened world. It slowly started making sense, all the challenges, the ups and downs. After a year of focusing on healing practices, painting and designing came back into my life. Now I share inspiration and love trough all of these Healing Arts, helping women awaken their Queenlight, feeling so grateful for co-creating with their beautiful hearts.

I currently live between Mexico, Serbia and Canada with Andy, my love. I feel so blessed to be in this conscious relationship that supports both of us in so many beautiful ways. There is so much love, trust, support, laughter, adventure, and healthy relation. We feel happy and empowered to manifest our dreams and our life together.

And today, I feel like that child again, the one that believes in magic, meets life with an open heart, truthfully and freely expresses herself and playfully grows with every new day. Even though the path of awakening and healing continues to be a bumpy courageous act, the view is incredible and it’s so much fun!


Inner work

💫 2023 Started painting again and integrating it all into Healing Arts

💫 2022 Created Queenlight Community

💫 2022 Birthed my own healing technique with Light Language and started guiding sessions, Women’s Circles and Ceremonies

💫 2022 Tony Robins in person seminar, Mexico City

💫 2021 Mother Ayahuasca, my Guides and the magic of Tulum, Mexico, showed me that I incarnated to be a healer and to stop painting

💫 2021 Clear Light Initiation

💫 2021 Rich Litvin & The Prosperous Coach mentorship

💫 2019 Hatha Tantra Yoga Teacher Training, The Practice Bali

💫 2016 Reiki Master Initiation, grand master Margarita Milenkovic 

💫 2015 Initiated into personal Satyananda Yoga Mantra

💫 2014 Transcendental Meditation, Reiki & Angelic Reiki Initiation

💫 2014 – Today Open to receiving many different healings and teachings, support from my dear physical and non-physical guides 

Art & design

💫 2010-2019 Co-founder of Art & Design studio Shonski, as Art Director, Creative Director, Artist & Designer, Bg, SRB

💫 2013-2014 Masters’ degree in Communication Design, Kingston University, London, UK

💫 2012-2013 9-5, in a Creative team of TV b92, Bg, SRB

💫 2008-2012 BA in Illustration & Animation, Faculty of Applied Arts, Bg, SRB

Solo exhibitions

💫 2020 “Inner Game+1”, Koffein, Bg, SRB

💫 2019 “Inner Game”, Street Gallery, Bg, SRB

💫 2019 “Bottani”, Vjeran Pas, Bg, SRB

💫 2012 “New Layers”, together with Stefan Knezević, UK Parobrod, Belgrade Week of Art, Bg, SRB

💫 2011 “Shark”, UK Parobrod, Bg, SRB

💫 2010 “Drawings on the wall” Multiracionalna Kompanija, Zg, HRV

Selected group exhibitions

💫 2019 “Freshness”, selected by Kulturforum, House of Đura Jakšić, Bg, SRB

💫 2019 “3 House Lab Residency”, Prostor, NS, SRB

💫 2017 “Dot”, Prozor, Bg, SRB

💫 2015 “Black box”, Mikser Festival, Bg, SRB

💫 2014 “Greatest fonts in the last 10 years of Faculty of Applied Arts”, SKC, Bg, SRB

💫 2013 “Bears in honor of spring”, UK Parobrod, Bg, SRB

💫 2012 ”The artist is present”, House of Human Rights, Bg, SRB

💫 2011 “Not gated”, Prague Quadrennial, Pr, CZ

💫 2011 “Big expectations”, Mikser Festival, Bg, SRB

💫 2011 “100% Future Serbia”, Belgrade Design Week, Bg, SRB

💫 2010 “Young talents”, Belgrade Design Week, Bg, SRB

💫 1994 “October Saloon”, Children’s Exhibition, Bg, SRB


💫 2018 IZA, Hvar, HRV

💫 2018 3 House Lab, Erdevik, SRB​


💫 2014 D&AD InBook Award, Visual identity design, London, UK

💫 2012 3rd. place Award, video created with Stefan Knežević, Young Creative Chevrolet Contest, Bg, SRB